Fire Department

Fire Department

Mission Statement

Our Commitment is To Public Safety,

Achieved Through Developing, Promoting

And Maintaining a Comprehensive Network

Of Fire Prevention, Fire Suppression, And

Other Special Rescue Services.


Through Education, Training, and Communications

We Will Continue To Provide Quality Services.

Back: Matt Rossow, Justin Duncan, Chris Kuball, Troy Dahle, Steve Nordmeier, Marlon Quiggle, John Chmelik,  Dennis Merritt


Middle: Leon Gregor, Tim Boese, Keith Saemrow, Jackie Saemrow, Ryan Culhane, Mike O'Rourke, Bruce Morris, Randy Meschke


Front: Mike Ahlman, Tim Minske, Adam Uittenbogaard, Kyle Green, Terry Meschke, Eric Hughes(resigned), Kyle Morris, Todd Schmidtke




Chief - Adam Uittenbogaard


Assistant Chief  - Troy Dahle


Training Officer - Bruce Morris


Secretary - Tim Boese


Captains - Tim Minske, Mike O'Rourke, Kyle Green, Ryan Culhane


Board of Directors: Steve Nordmeier, Marlon Quiggle, Jr.



402 Division St S

Morristown, MN  55052

Phone: (507) 685-2302

Fax: (507) 685-2632


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