The City Council is seeking three City of Morristown citizens to volunteer to become part of a newly-established "Complaint Committee." The committee will review citizens' concerns, complaints and comments monthly. Anyone interested in serving on this committee may submit a request by completing the online form below. You can also download the following PDF, complete the form and return to the City Clerk: Complaint Committee Application

The deadline to submit your application is November 2, 2017 at 4:00pm






Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to provide the City of Morristown and its citizens a procedure for submitting concerns/complaints/comments and having them addressed in a timely and professional manner.


Procedure: Concerns/complaints/comments can be submitted to the City of Morristown (City Clerk) via the appropriate form (link found below or pick one up at the Clerk's office), telephone (507-685-2302), fax (507-685-2632) or email (


The author of the concern/complaint/comment is encouraged to sign their submission, however, all information will be reviewed regardless.


All concerns/complaints/comments will be reviewed by an established committee to consist of one lead/chair person, two Morristown citizens and two City Council members. Any member deemed inappropriate, at any time, can be removed from the committee via council vote.


Citizens can express, in writing, their desire to serve on the committee. Requests should be submitted to the City Clerk for the City Council to review.


The committee shall review complaints monthly. Copies of the complaints will be maintained in the City Clerk's office. Originals will be forwarded to the appropriate department (per section B of the form). The committee will follow through with the appropriate department to ensure all concerns/complaints/comments are addressed in a timely manner.


As concerns/complaints/comments are addressed, the appropriate department will complete section C of the form and return it to the committee.


When appropriate/applicable, the committee will contact the author of the concern/complaint/comment with the decision/action taken by the appropriate department.


All completed concern/complaint/comment forms will be kept in the City Clerk's office in a file solely and exclusively for such forms.


All information will be considered confidential and treated as such.


Concern/complaint/comment forms specific to city employees will not be placed in personnel files without written notice to the employee.


Please CLICK HERE to download a complaint form.





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