Commercial Club


President: Danny Morris

Vice President: Steve Nordmeier

Secretary: Lee Baumgarten

Treasurer: Adrienne O'Rourke


Board Members

Bob Lewis, Pam Merritt, Laurie Nordmeier,

Rick Karsten


Budget Committee

Iny Schmidtke, Adrienne O'Rourke, Brian

Merritt, Rick Karsten, Bob Lewis


Marketing Committee

Mike O'Rourke, Lee Baumgarten, Pam



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About the Commercial Club


The Commercial Club was established in 1908 by a group of Morristown citizens interested in the promotion of the community, events and businesses. Today the goals are the same. Their motto is "Your Community Volunteers at Work".


Membership is open to all interested persons. Meeting are held on the third Monday of each month at 6:00pm at the Community Center. Membership dues are $10.00 per year, per person. The Commercial Club operates the Community Center Bar during events and uses the bar profits to sponsor/co-sponsor community events throughout the year, to purchase Community Center enhancements and, upon request, makes donations to other community organizations.


An annual meeting is held in January with an election of officers, appointment of board and committee members, a potluck supper and welcome of new members. New members are welcome at any time throughout the year. During the year, the Commercial Club sponsors an annual Community Spring Dinner at the Legion, the Children's Easter Egg Scramble, the Dam Days Pageant reception, the Dam Days beer garden, the city-wide garage sale, co-sponsors the national Night Out picnic in the city park, provides appreciation treats for the school staff during National Education Week, the Children's Halloween Party, the residential Christmas lighting contest, the annual Christmas drawing and members deliver Christmas gift bags to senior citizens and shut-ins.


Dam Days Raffle

The commercial club will be handling the Dam Days raffles.  The Cash Raffle has 20 pay backs with the largest be $1000. The other is the Duck Drop Race raffle which has 10 pay backs with the largest also being $1000.


Raffle tickets are available for purchase at Nordmeiers and Lake Country Community Bank, Morristown.


Morristown Commercial Club News

January - April 2016


The Commercial Club held their annual organizational meeting and potluck supper in January.

The current officers, board members and committee members were unanimously re-elected.

A new beer cooler was purchased for the Community Center Bar.

Donation requests from the following organizations have been approved.

    -Dark House and Angling Association Banquet - $250.00

    -WEM After Prom Party - $150.00

    -Baseball Association - $500.00 towards upgrade of kid's playground and tree removal.

    -Moving Forward Foundation - $1000.00 towards Buc's Night Out event.

    -Dam Days Kid's Games and Entertainment - $900.00.

The Commercial Club sponsored the Children's Easter Egg Scramble in March and the Morristown Community Spring Dinner in April. Both events were well attended.

-Lee Baumgarten, Secretary



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